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Success Stories after reading Think and Grow Rich

These are the stories of those people who achieved tremendous success by the application of principles described in "Think and Grow Rich". These are meant to inspire faith in people about the power of 'Think and Grow Rich'. "Think and Grow Rich" changed the lives of the following people:

  • Robert Bob Christopher All around the world in EIGHTY DOLLARS. Yeah! you have read it right 'In Eighty Dollars'.
  • Ken Norton Think and Grow Rich was responsible for his victory over Muhammad Ali.
  • W. Clement Stone The most well-known fan of Think and Grow Rich.
  • Andrew Tan The billionaire and fourth richest man in Philippine was inspired from Think and Grow Rich. An amazing story! 
  • Victor Bill McCall The Australian Parliamentarian who became a millionaire after reading Think and Grow Rich.  
  • Clarence Lantzer A conductor who became one of the largest producer for New York Life Insurance Company after reading Think and Grow Rich.
  • Wise Brownie The first woman to appear on the cover of Business Week Magazine read Think and Grow Rich in poverty. How her life got turned after reading the book?
  • Edwin H. East How he sold double insurance in 48 hours than what he had sold in the previous year?
  • Jerry Hicks The inspiring story of a multimillionaire who once used to eat frogs and fish he caught from nearby stream.
  • Melvin Powers Owner of a publishing company.
  • Linda P. Jones The story of a woman who openly credits his wealth to Think and Grow Rich.
  • Bruce Lee He didn't live till 1980 but he has reached to the height of orientation after reading Think and Grow Rich. 
  • Bonnie Liotta The story of a woman who was raised in an abusive manner but achieved success after reading Think and Grow Rich.
  • Eleanor S. Sadowsky "A library of paintings" How quant!
  • Bob Proctor The story of a fireman who read Think and Grow Rich, set his target and got more than what he wanted.
  • Truett Cathy The billionaire and owner of Chick Fil-A restaurants got inspired from Think and Grow Rich in his school life. 
  • Aurelius Tjin A boy who created passive income of $200,000 a year. How Think and Grow Rich changed his life.
  • Chris Gorman The fascinating story of a multi-millionaire who read Think and Grow Rich in the midst of his financial collapse.
  • David Wood The story of a dish washer who became a multimillionaire after reading Think and Grow Rich.
  • Chris J Snook Story of starting from zero and becoming a millionaire!
  • Randall Baskin How it feels to arise from working for $37 a week to a worth of $100 million! 
  • Joe Dudley Why not to spend the money in business rather than law suits and let the anger go? The story of Joe Dudley.
  • Steven Aitchison How a young boy in his twenties decided to inspire others after shaken by Think and Grow Rich.
  • S. B. Fuller The story of a boy who rose from abstract poverty to the heights of wealth. Think and Grow Rich was the corner stone to his success.
  • Billy Womack How he took his company to one of the fastest growing companies in the world after reading Think and Grow Rich.
  • Chris J. Snook The story of a young man who remained standing in the storm of temporary defeats.
  • Clay Clark Think and Grow Rich motivated him to start and succeed in business.
  • Edward Gofsky He was lucky to read Think and Grow Rich early in his life.
  • George Stefek He read Think and Grow Rich in hospital and see what happened! 
  • Jason Cardamone A millionaire made by Think and Grow Rich.
  • Jim Hammons He starting from negative equity and became a millionaire! The power of 'Think and Grow Rich'.
  • Poly Emenikes  A Nigerian converted $2 into $500 million. He gave credit to Think and Grow Rich for 95% of his wealth.
  • Ryan Allis Co-founder and chief executive of iContact read Think and Grow Rich when he was 16.
  • Daymond John He mortgaged his house for $100,000 he needed to start the clothing business. Now, he is multimillionaire.
  • Dawn Fraser The first woman to swim 100 meter distance"Nothing has ever happened before it happens for the first time."
  • Kenneth Erwin Harmon Think and Grow Rich was his companion in dreadful 37 months.
  • Prem Watsa A billionaire called "Warren Buffet of Canada" read Think and Grow Rich when he was 21.
  • Brian McMullen How a young boy working for $10 an hour became worth $15 million? Think and Grow Rich' changed his life.
  • Tony Hartl He read Think and Grow Rich at a very young age. Story of a boy who turned $10,000 into millions of dollars.
  • Kinh Luan “Millions of people have read “Think and Grow Rich” and even if some of them actually acquired riches, no one gave the credit solely to the book for their wealth.” The old perception of a Vietnamese boy changed after he read and applied the book.
  • Dan Hansen Think and Grow Rich inspired inspirational dissatisfaction in the mind of a runner for Chicago Board of Trade and changed his life.
  • Jamie McIntyre A person in debt for $150,000 formed twelve companies generating $40 million annually by the application of principles described in Think and Grow Rich.
  • Satish verma How Think and Grow Rich turned a bankrupt into a multimillionaire! 
  • Sandeep Maheshwari The story of a college dropped out who is earning millions of dollars a year saying "“I am the living testimony of what is written in Think and Grow Rich”.
  • Gerry Robert   How a young boy started from poverty to earning $1 million in a year through 'Think and Grow Rich'!
  • Brian Tracy He wanted to know why some people are more successful than others and when it dawned upon him: he became a millionaire---started from nothing.
  • Peter Ebdon It may feel odd for a person playing snooker, to go to the referee and ask for help in identifying the balls lying on the table but not when the person has a deep hunger for success.
  • Jim McIngvale Laura Haynes Weisman has written that Jim Mattress Mack was influenced by Think and Grow Rich and Influencer: The Power to Change Anything. The turning point of the life of Mattress Mack came in the time of crisis and Now! His company is making $150-200 million sales every year.
  • Anthony Robbins  Sometimes, it is very difficult to believe that every adversity has seeds of equivalent or greater benefit.” But it is true. See: Tony Robbins was homeless.
  • Greg B. Randle He was in $200 debt when he got a copy of Think and Grow Rich. Today he is living in a fully paid house of worth a million dollars.
  • Paul and Earl Hudson How Think and Grow Rich converted Hudson brothers into celebrity.
  • David Murdock ‘Think and Grow Rich’ has not only created millionaires. It has also inspired people to accumulate billions of dollars. A story of a billionaire made by Think and Grow Rich.
  • Vinnie Tortorich A fitness entrepreneur!
  • Frank Giustra A Canadian billionaire who credits Think and Grow Rich for 95% of his wealth.
  • Nader Ashichi Another Entrepreneur inspired from Think and Grow Rich.
  • Stephen pierce The story of a multimillionaire who carries a bullet in his thigh!
  • Armand Morin An internet entrepreneur who created $80 million business empire after reading Think and Grow Rich.
  • Yanik Silver A well known millionaire made by Think and Grow Rich
  • Bill Bartmann A billionaire who has read Think and Grow Rich many times in hospital.
  • Lana Den Rey A celebrity and a fan of Think and Grow Rich.
  • Charles Stanley 'I began to apply the principles of the book in my daily endeavors and I discovered that they work' Charles Stanley.
  • Chiku Malunga  Chiku malunga has read Think and Grow Rich for more than a hundred times. See! What he says about the book.
  • Matt Jones How Matt Jones defeated Cancer through Think and Grow Rich.
  • Larry Ellison The marvelous example of effectiveness of the principles described in Think and Grow Rich, and a reputable fan of the book: Lawrence J. Ellison.
  • Cactus Jack An important difference in Rich thinking and Poor thinking is that poor thinks that way to wealth is paved is paved by formal education. In fact, formal education only leads to penny pinching jobs but not to immense wealth.
  • Peter Conti Peter Conti was a motor mechanic and was working in a workshop. His hands were on work but his mind was on something else. Many people may say that “You may Work and Grow Rich but never Think and Grow Rich” but Peter Conti was thinking something else.
  • Robert Hollis Robert Hollis was a guy in North Dakota. Like many others, he had been told that success begins with getting the best education. “Study hard, get good grades, so that you can get a good job with a great boss and you can fulfill your dreams”
  • David Samuel David Samuel was born to an Arabic speaking father and an Indian mother. His parents were poor, in fact so poor that they couldn't even provide necessities to their children. Nice people always take care of such matters. They used to give their worn out clothes to the parents so they could be worn by their children.
  • Noel Whittaker The Renowned Australian Financial Expert who has written 17 best selling books. Think and Grow Rich was the turning point of his life.
  • Shane Morand The co-founder of Organo Gold who leaded the company to earning $213 million in revenues through Think and Grow Rich.
  • Sean Rasmussen He increased his income by starting a blog and grew his income by 2,400% in a year, making $250,000 per month for 15 consecutive months through affiliate marketing
  • Neil Mills “Whatever you do, be the best at it and associate with people who are the best in your field. That’s what I learned from Think and Grow Rich and it worked for me.”
  • Antonio Thornton He was a boy of thirteen at that time. So, he was too small to absorb and understand the lessons of the book but he read the entire book. All that kid was able to absorb at that time.
  • Barry Abraham Barry Abraham started as a plumber in 1976. He had to spend 50 hours a week installing plumbing for residential houses
  • Edwin Ryan Villagomez suddenly something happened that made him a millionaire (in Pesos) or $22,000 in one single year.
  • Bill Hibbler Bill Hibbler is one of the pioneer’s internet marketers. He was also motivated by Think and Grow Rich
  • Cordell Parvin Cordell Parvin was a teenager when he used to visit his grandparents in Virginia. He didn’t like that but he had to do that because his parents forced him
  • Joe Cirulli Part-1 Joe Cirulli was third of the seven children of Armand and Fran Cirulli. He had developed a keen interest in lifting weights the age of seven. When he was in junior years of school, he was guiding others kids in working out
  • Joe Cirulli Part-2 Cirulli was trying hard to get the place for his club. With the passage of time, other companies also entered in the competition for tenant ship and the rent flew up. And then Cirulli’s worst fear came true
  • Lee Braxton Lee Braxton was the tenth of the twelve sons of a poor blacksmith. He had become familiar with poverty form the early stages of life.
  • Mark Victor Mark Victor Hansen loved his parents and he should. But today, he doesn't agree with their financial beliefs. Opinions are the most cheapest commodity in the world, everyone has opinions.
  • Paul hutchings Paul Hutching was raised in adversity. His father had left home when Paul was only eight and it was his mother who did everything to turn the kid into a man. 
  • Robb Corbett See, he had gotten stuck in a snow storm in the Toronto airport. Having nothing to do, he came out of the plane and, wandering, reached to the airport gift shop.
  • Sunny Obazu Ojaegbase It was more than thirty years back from now!!!! Sunny Obazu Ojeagbase locked himself in his house: He was going nowhere but to spend time on studying how computer works
  • Mike Attar Mike Attar was fired from his job as a salesman and was told that “you can never amount to anything in a sales job. You must try some other field to reach your full potential.” 
  • Misty Young Dozens of years back, a husband, while lying in his bed at night, asked his wife: “What would be the best thing we could do together in this world?”
  • Ray Higdon Ray Higdon had a burning desire to get rich and he tried every possible way to earn money. He was in middle school when he was selling ear heads.
  • Samith Pich The next morning, he was shouting on his way to school, “I think I can, I think I can do this”…
  • Nancy Rothenberg is also a great fan of Think and Grow Rich. She had shared a short story of how she achieved $5,000 through Think and Grow Rich 
  • Paulina Wants I am thankful to Paulina Wants for sharing her story.
  • Leslie Fieger He read Think and Grow Rich twenty times before he went to make million dollar income every year.
  • Neil larkin He started from Zero and make a property portfolio worth 80 millions pound.


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